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“College Possible never left.”

This spring, our program team prioritized its efforts to ensure College Possible students felt supported during the pandemic and in online learning, through phone calls, emails and virtual meetings and sessions.

Coaches never stopped serving students. High school coaches delivered curriculum online hosting one-on-one and group Zoom meetings. College coaches also served online and created online learning presentations, offering students best practices for success in the new environment. Many students had never taken an online class. The virtual classrooms we provide give students a place to connect to their peers, AmeriCorps coach and provide some semblance of normalcy.

We also began hosting staff and AmeriCorps all-team trainings virtually, connecting our team of more than 40.

We are learning how to navigate this together, and we strive to ease any obstacles or uncertainty for students as they continue to learn and receive services virtually. At College Possible, we have always taken pride in standing with students and fighting to meet their needs.

We serve a population that is already vulnerable, but that has increased greatly in the past few weeks. We stand with our students and continue to be a place of consistent support for each of them on their path to collegiate success. Thank you for standing with our students, too.




Arvin Frazier, College Possible Executive Director


Who we are.


College Possible proudly serves more than 700 high school students in the Omaha metro at 10 partner high schools across in six different districts this academic year 2019-20.

College Possible also serves more than 1,200 college students from Omaha, enrolled at 90 colleges and universities regionally and nationwide. Seventy-five percent of students are persons of color and nearly 80 percent of College Possible students are the first in their family to attend college with a reported annual family income of less than $35,000 per year.

College Possible Omaha was founded during the 2011-12 school year. Thirty AmeriCorps members currently serve Omaha through the site.

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