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Regional site locations

Our eight regionally responsive sites are strengthening local communities

Through partnerships with local school districts, high schools, colleges and universities, community-based organizations and philanthropic and corporate funders, our eight regional sites are delivering meaningful student outcomes to address critical community need.

College Possible Chicago

Founded in 2015, serves more than 1,175* students annually throughout Chicago Public Schools.

Explore our Chicago site

College Forward

Founded in 2003, College Forward is based in Austin, TX. It merged with College Possible in July 2021 and serves students throughout the state of Texas.

Explore our College Forward site

College Possible Milwaukee

Founded in 2008, our Milwaukee site serves more than 1,800* scholars annually.

Explore our Milwaukee site


Founded in 2000 and the location of our national headquarters, our Minnesota site is based in St. Paul and serves more than 5,500* students annually.

Explore our Minnesota site


Founded in 2011, our Omaha site serves more than 1,700* students annually.

Explore our Omaha site


Founded in 2012, based in Portland, our Oregon site serves more than 1,500* students annually.

Explore our Oregon site


Founded in 2014, our Philadelphia site serves more than 900* students annually.

Explore our Philadelphia site


College Access Now (CAN), now College Possible Washington, merged with College Possible in 2019. Based in Seattle, the Washington site serves more than 950* students annually.

Explore our Washington site

*Fiscal year 2021.

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