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College opportunity for all

Black AmeriCorps coach smiling with student at computer

We empower the college dream

At College Possible, we’re working to close the college degree divide. Since 2000, our college access and success programs have helped empower more than 80,000* students from under-represented communities on their path to a college degree.

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*Fiscal year 2021

The growing college degree divide

We believe a student’s future should be determined solely by their aspirations, motivation and effort, not by their family’s income

Yet nationwide, there’s a widening gap between the aspirations of students from under-represented communities who want to earn a college degree, and the systemic, unfair barriers they face in achieving it.

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Black AmeriCorps coach smiling with student at computer
Two female students of color holding books talking

A college degree is a viable path to economic mobility

When students from under-represented communities earn a bachelor’s degree, especially those who are the first in their family to attend college, they are 24% more likely to be employed and 3.5 times less likely to live in poverty when compared with peers who don’t attend college.*

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We offer a full suite of college access and success programs

We partner with high schools, school districts, colleges and universities, community-based organizations, and philanthropic and corporate funders nationwide to deliver a growing suite of evidence-based programs designed to close the degree divide.

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Black AmeriCorps coach smiling with student at computer

Regionally responsive programming is strengthening local communities

Our site-based Core Program is delivered across eight urban-based communities. Through local partnerships with high schools, school districts and colleges, we offer a minimum of six years of evidence-based, near-peer coaching to help students navigate and overcome the most common barriers on their path to earning a degree.

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