College Possible is making college admission and success possible for students from low-income backgrounds through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support.

The College Possible Approach

Here’s how we open up opportunity to more bright, hard-working students.

College Possible makes college admission and success possible for students from low-income backgrounds through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. Since its founding in 2000, College Possible has become a leading organization in the field of college access and success with a track record of best-in-class results, rigorous evaluation and innovation.

Our evidence-based programming is grounded in four key pillars:

  • Near-peer coaching: College Possible is a proud AmeriCorps organization, powered by talented and idealistic AmeriCorps and VISTA members who serve as near-peer coaches to high school or college students.
  • Research-based curriculum: We realize that the path to and through college is complex. Our curriculum encompasses topics such as finding a best-fit college, academic preparation, financial planning and personal development.
  • Peer support network: We strive to build a community of support among our students to serve as an additional source of encouragement for one another.
  • Commitment to college success: The goal of a college degree drives all that we do.

In our flagship program, students attend after-school sessions for two hours twice a week throughout their junior and senior years of high school. Over the course of these two years, students participate in up to 320 hours of programming in a supportive group of college-bound peers. Coaches implement an interactive curriculum designed to guide students through the key aspects of preparing for college.

After high school, College Possible students receive coaching through the transition to college and are supported all the way through college graduation. Depending on the college they attend, students will receive in-person coaching on campus or technology-based coaching. Coaches assist students in connecting them to resources on campus, tackling barriers and identifying future opportunities.

In addition to our flagship programming, College Possible is piloting innovative program models to reach students beyond our six sites through virtual and blended approaches. Coaches utilize tools such as texting, video chat, document-sharing and social media to build connections with students and work with them to achieve their goals. In two states, Minnesota and Oregon, we have piloted a technology-based program in rural communities.

We are a proud partner organization of CollegePoint, a nationwide initiative with Bloomberg Philanthropies. CollegePoint helps high-achieving students from low- to moderate-income backgrounds apply to, enroll in and graduate from top-performing colleges.

In 2016, College Possible launched a new partnership model called Catalyze, which was born out of the belief that our innovative approach to increasing college success for students that could be embedded on college campuses and scaled to serve many more eligible students. Catalyze has a capacity-building focus, rather than direct service, which will enable colleges and universities to use the tried-and-true College Possible model to support their students from low-income backgrounds from matriculation through graduation.

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