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Benson senior awarded Dell Scholarship to pursue passion in healthcare

Portrait Photo Of Thein Thein Smiling

For Benson High School senior Thein Thein, the pathway to college was not merely a choice; it was a natural path, deeply ingrained by her family’s value of education. With aspirations to major in nursing and contribute to the healthcare field, Thein Thein’s motivation stems from personal experiences, including her dedication to making a difference in healthcare.

Throughout high school, she embarked on a journey of academic excellence and professional preparation, seizing every opportunity to equip herself for a future in healthcare. From obtaining her certified nursing assistant certification to immersing herself in the health professions academy at her school, Thein Thein has demonstrated a proactive approach to her career aspirations.

Central to Thein Thein’s college aspirations is her involvement in College Possible. “The most valuable experience with College Possible has been their guidance and support,” she notes, highlighting the invaluable assistance in understanding financial aid options and preparing for college life.

With the help of her coach Bre, Thein Thein has diligently pursued scholarships to reduce the burden of student debt throughout her college journey and has been awarded a $4,500 scholarship from Nebraska Methodist College. Most recently, she was awarded the Dell scholarship, in which she will receive $20,000 for her academic journey, a Dell laptop, and annual textbook credits for four years.

Thein Thein reflects on her experience with College Possible, stating “If it wasn’t for my coach, I would not have applied for as many scholarships. Bre always encourages me and reminds me of what I am capable of.”

As Thein Thein stands on the brink of her collegiate journey, she is still weighing her options between Nebraska Methodist College and Creighton University. While the financial aspect remains a significant consideration, the receipt of the Dell scholarship has granted her newfound autonomy in making this pivotal decision.

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