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Sharing their ‘why’: Volunteer board members champion College Possible’s mission

Collage Style Photo Of Advisory Board Members & Champions For College Possible Headshots. Top Left: Gennean Scott; Top Right: Andy Rikli; Bottom Left: Lisa Lackovic; Bottom Right: Marco Ortiz.

With SHARE Omaha’s Do Good Days just around the corner, our focus turns to the dedicated volunteer board members driving our mission forward. Among them are College Possible Champions and College Possible Advisory Board members, integral to ensuring college admission and success for students from low-income backgrounds.

The College Possible Champions, who are primarily young professionals, serve as enthusiastic ambassadors. They actively support initiatives, raise awareness, and engage with the community’s younger demographic, driven by their belief in the opportunities higher education provides.

Marco Ortiz, a passionate champion, states, “I serve as a champion for College Possible because I believe in the transformative power of education and the mission of College Possible to make college admission and success achievable for all students, regardless of their background or financial circumstances.”

For Annabelle Abisset, another champion, College Possible’s mission hits home. “As a first-generation college graduate, I understand the immense value and difference that resources provided by College Possible make for students and their families in the complicated process of applying for and attending college.”

Meanwhile, the College Possible Advisory Board members provide strategic leadership and guidance, closely partnering with our executive director to propel change for Omaha students.

Lisa Lackovic, chair of the advisory board, sheds light on the invaluable assistance College Possible provides to high schoolers. “Many College Possible students are new to the complex process of applying and enrolling in universities,” she explains. “Our knowledgeable College Possible AmeriCorps coaches are guiding them through the process and changing lives.”

Andy Rikli, an advisory board member, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing his belief in education’s transformative potential. “I serve as an advisory board member for College Possible Omaha because I believe education can level the playing field and positively change lives,” he shares.

For Gennean Scott, another advisory board member, College Possible’s commitment to equitable education access resonates deeply. “I serve because I believe in the mission of ensuring equitable access to college degrees,” Scott states. “There is a significant gap in bachelor’s degree completion between first-generation college students and those from families with a history of college attendance in the U.S. This highlights the significant challenges that students from low-income backgrounds face in navigating the college application process, financing their education, and persisting to graduation.”

Former champion and current advisory board member, Mark Batt, shares his reason for supporting College Possible. “This organization provides attainable goals to students with real needs. We, as a board, are able to be a part of that special process and help students achieve success.”

As Do Good Days unfold, it’s a time to acknowledge the dedication of College Possible’s volunteer board members. They play a vital role in shaping a brighter future for students across Omaha, striving for a more equitable society where education is accessible to all.

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