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College Possible Omaha coaches get a heartfelt ‘thanks’ during AmeriCorps Week

Group Photo Of College Possible Omaha Team In AmeriCorps Aprons Standing Behind A Table With A Painting On It.

This year, College Possible Omaha boasts a team of 17 exceptional coaches dedicated to guiding students towards their college aspirations on a daily basis. Among the team, eight have returned to the organization as coaches after once being College Possible students themselves, driven by a desire to pay forward the support they once received.

During the week of March 10-16, as a part of AmeriCorps Week, College Possible celebrated the commitment of our coaches to community service. One notable event during the week was the Paint and Sip gathering, led by high school program coordinator, Christina Jelinek.

Nebraska continued the recognition of AmeriCorps Week from March 17-23, as proclaimed by Governor Jim Pillen. Throughout this extended celebration, members of the College Possible Omaha team visited the state capitol to inform senators about AmeriCorps’ significant contributions to local communities.

Students show appreciation for their coaches

Expressing their gratitude, students took the opportunity to appreciate their coaches. Jasmine McCain, AmeriCorps recruitment and training manager, orchestrated a survey among students, yielding numerous heartfelt responses about their experiences with their College Possible coach. These responses were featured on personalized cork boards and presented to each coach as a token of appreciation and a reminder of their impact. Here’s a glimpse into what students had to say about their coaches:

“Although I’ve only joined College Possible as a senior this year, Bre has been such a great support and I’ve really appreciated her efforts to help me with scholarships and everything. I’m so grateful.” – Eh

“I appreciate all the encouragement and hope that Dorothy knows she has made a difference in my life. What she’s doing makes a difference in ways she may not have thought.” – Ahrie

“Moses is an amazing coach. He truly wants students to succeed and is always there for them. He is very knowledgeable about many topics. Thank you for all you do, Moses!” – Meagen

“I can tell Say really cares. She’s always very accommodating and tries to find new opportunities and ways for us to succeed.” – Gracelyn

“Katie’s hard work this year has truly made an impact on me and so many other students. Thank you so much for your dedication and continuous effort. You truly do make a difference in the lives of students.” – Kennedy

“Rhea was able to help me find more scholarships and provide me with information about my school that I wasn’t aware of. She is very nice and finds ways to get students as much help as they need. Thank you, Rhea!” – Jasmine

“I am appreciative for the monthly check-ups as well as the scholarships Jaelynn has helped me find. Her kind acts are greatly appreciated.” – Kobe

“I love how Sophia is so helpful and makes our conversations feel like I’m talking to a friend.” – Rosaly

“Cady is amazing and has been very supportive and clear on instructions, and has been very helpful. She has helped in situations in which I could not figure out what to do. She is one of the most wonderful coaches I’ve ever had.” – Arturo

“Thank you so much for your continued presence and support! Your work does not go unnoticed, Chris.” – Hafsa

“Thank you for all the hard work you do to share resources that benefit our college journeys. We appreciate hearing from you and are grateful for your support, Yuli.” – Kiara

“Chase has guided me through my college applications showing me many different avenues of success in college and in the future. He has been one of my greatest supporters this year and I will forever be thankful for his help in everything worked on and accomplished with him.” – Yared

“Thank you so much for the great work and time you have dedicated to us. Your help with FAFSA updates and willingness to meet with us for any questions is truly appreciated. Navigating college has been easier knowing we can count on you, Fatuma.” – Yexalen

“Gwen is very resourceful and does the best in helping me during my process of discovering life after high school. Gwen is very kindhearted, and one of those people you meet and know is a light in our world. I’m so grateful to have someone like Gwen during this journey.” – Liah

“Liz has been a great help to me this year. She assisted me with all things regarding my current academics and future endeavors. She uses her knowledge to help her students on a personal level and holds us accountable with our college plans, scholarships, and extracurricular activities. Thank you, Liz!” – Romina

“I love how welcoming and accepting you were from the moment we met. I love coming to visit you and you have been such a big help during my senior year. Thank you for everything, Mackenzie!” – Mya

“I want to thank Katie for always reaching out to help with anything, especially helping out with completing the steps for financial aid.” – Lydia

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