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Scholar Spotlight: Andrew

This spring, Andrew will walk the stage at UW-Madison and earn his degree in finance: a milestone four years in the making. He always knew he would go to college and earn his degree, but as a first-generation student, he…

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Peter: Patricia Wilmeth Award

At the annual Dream Big Dinner, the Patricia Wilmeth Award recognizes individuals who have had a strong commitment and spirit of generosity to not only College Possible Milwaukee, but the entire Milwaukee community. This year, we are honoring Peter Hitler…

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Scholar Spotlight: Tyanne

This article was written by Tyanne’s AmeriCorps College Coach, Malysha MacFarland. Tyanne Linton is an aspiring educator at UW-Parkside studying psychology with two minors in sociology and criminal justice. She is interested in how people think and enjoys helping others…

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Kevin Ramirez

Scholar Spotlight: Kevin

Kevin always had big goals for his future, including earning his degree. Yet upon experiencing unforeseen challenges on his college journey, he had to take a break from school. With many students still experiencing rising college costs, the potential for…

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Scholar Spotlight: Jamiah

As a full-time student who balances on-campus involvement, a full-time job, and a well-established business, Jamiah is a natural go-getter. When she was a girl, her mother and grandmother instilled the mindset that she could complete anything she put her…

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