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Getting a firsthand look at Believing in Better at Kohler

Three High School Students Smiling In Front Of A Kohler Sign

On March 25th, College Possible students visited Kohler Co. in Kohler, Wisconsin to learn about the company’s history, mission, and potential career paths. 

In 2022, Kohler Co. and College Possible Wisconsin partnered to create the Kohler Scholars program, which is a multi-year scholarship program in collaboration with Kohler Co. that provides recipients with a $5,000 annual scholarship, a professional Kohler mentor, career exploration opportunities at Kohler headquarters, and a paid internship that upon graduation could result in full-time employment. Since the Kohler Scholars program was established in 2022, Kohler Co. has committed over $200,000 to supporting College Possible students on their paths toward a college degree.

The day kicked off with a visit to the Kohler Design Center, where students gained insights into Kohler’s rich history, expansive product lines, and dedicated commitment to sustainable practices and clean drinking water.

Getting a firsthand look at the Kohler factory, students connected with knowledgeable experts of pottery, enameling, and metal casting. They also gained insights from professional creatives on the thought process and strategy behind Kohler’s product designs. 

At the Kohler WasteLAB, scholars delved into the social impact of Kohler’s “Believing in Better” mission, witnessing firsthand how the WasteLAB repurposes manufacturing materials into innovative and fashionable products, thus minimizing waste. 

Students also got the opportunity to participate in a stimulating career panel that spotlighted current Kohler employees from the company’s public relations, financial, and engineering departments. The esteemed speakers shared their career trajectories, college advice, and personal connections to Kohler’s mission. 

Reflecting on this immersive experience, students expressed gratitude for the valuable insights gained and expressed a thirst for further exploration of the career fields they were introduced to on the trip.

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