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Meet Connor: Making an impact beyond classroom

Young Man In His 20s With Curly Brown Hair Wearing AmeriCorps Gear And Smiling At The Camer

As an AmeriCorps coach with College Possible, Connor serves over 200 students from Mount Mary University and Milwaukee Area Technical College. “I was drawn to College Possible for its role in mentorship and education,” Conner shares, highlighting the impact of working with diverse students across various majors and stages in their academic journey. 

“My students inspire me daily,” Connor reflects, describing his role as more than educational support. “They define their own paths amidst challenges like balancing multiple jobs and family responsibilities. All of them have persevered through so much to get to the points that they are at, and they’re defining their own lives” 

“Serving with College Possible has redirected my career focus,” Connor admits. Growing up immersed in both academics and athletics, Connor has long appreciated the value of a college education, graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2023. Having always liked being engaged in the process of problem-solving, Connor’s career aspirations have now shifted to being rooted in public service and advocating for social justice and equity: “As a result of my coaching experience at College Possible, my main goal is to stay in the sector as a public servant. I’m currently taking some non-profit management courses through UW-Milwaukee and after my service term is completed next year I am looking to remain in the nonprofit sector or to move into a position with the local or federal government,” he explains. 

Reflecting on his coaching experience, Connor hopes students gain empowerment and resourcefulness. “I want them to feel confident in their abilities to communicate, handle challenges, and find support,” he emphasizes, noting the gratification in celebrating students’ achievements, whether academic milestones or personal victories.

Connor emphasizes the importance of asking for help: “For students in the program I encourage them to reach out to their coaches with any questions they can, no matter how big or small, because every coach I’ve connected with has used all of their resources possible to answer the student’s questions,” he said. “You are very strong, but there is nothing more courageous than asking the questions others are afraid to ask.”

As Connor continues to impact lives through AmeriCorps, his dedication to education and equity remains unwavering. “The role of a coach extends far beyond the classroom,” he concludes. “I work to be a mentor to them more than anything and someone who can be relied on when situations get tough.  I think for a lot of them that’s what I can be– someone who can get them the answers to their tough questions” 

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