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Building futures, one gift at a time: make the most of your end of year giving

Graduate Hugging Another Graduate While Smiling And Holding Their Diploma In Their Hand

For College Possible Wisconsin, the end of the year is not just a time for reflection, it’s an opportunity to rally supporters, donors, and advocates in a united front for a change. As we reflect on the past year and the strides that College Possible has made on closing the college degree divide, the focus now turns to the future, with a commitment of reaching even greater heights in the pursuit of supporting the next generation of scholars’ education and career goals.

Since its founding in 2008, College Possible Wisconsin has empowered scholars from under-represented communities to get into and through college via an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. Our pioneering model matches scholars with a near-peer coach and an evidence-based curriculum designed to help scholars overcome the most common barriers to getting into college and completing their degree – all at no cost to students or their families. Nationwide, College Possible scholars are three times more likely to earn a bachelor’s degree within six years than their peers from similar backgrounds. 

College Possible Wisconsin relies on the generosity of our community to make our program a reality for the 4,000 scholars that we serve. This period of giving is an investment in the potential of every student we serve. Our community is invited to contribute to creating a more equitable education landscape by giving in a way that best works for you– whether that’s through donating online, workplace giving, matching gifts, stocks, or donor advised funds. Click here to learn more about the ways to give or reach out to Carolyn at to discuss your gift today. 

We are extremely grateful to the individuals who believe in our mission and continue to fund our work. We would not exist without you. Your donations are making a direct difference in scholars’ lives and we cannot thank you enough.

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