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College Possible scholar emerges as finalist for prestigious QuestBridge Scholarship

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Meet Aaliyah Vang, a determined Hmong American Peace Academy senior who aims to leverage a degree in psychology to make an impact on younger generations. Aaliyah’s path to college is a testament to resilience and persistence. 

“My family is made up of eight people and my parents have been gone about half of my life due to overworking themselves to help us become financially stable,” said Aaliyah. “I feel like to this day I still face financial struggles. Financial challenges take a toll and it has definitely affected my ability to pursue college. I am a high-achieving student and I do not want to defer from my path to college.”

Despite facing economic challenges, Aaliyah’s relentless pursuit for education has positioned her as a finalist for a life-changing opportunity: the QuestBridge Match Scholarship. The Match Scholarship, known for its stringent criteria, acknowledges candidates who excel academically in the face of financial hardship. 

QuestBridge Match Finalists who are admitted to partner universities are supported with a full four-year scholarship worth over $200,000. The admissions offices of QuestBridge’s college partners thoroughly assess the student’s application to determine their eligibility for university admission with the comprehensive four-year Match Scholarship. The award, given to approximately 6,000 out of over 20,000 students applicants across the United States, opens up recipients to an extensive network of scholars and alums, and provides them with development opportunities. 

“When I found out that I was selected as a National College Match finalist for QuestBridge, I was ecstatic,” exclaimed Aaliyah. “This is the greatest opportunity and honor I have ever received. It means everything to me because I do not want to depend on my parents financially.”

Aaliyah credits the support given by her College Possible coach, Tavyonia, as playing a pivotal role in her success.

“I heard about College Possible through Coach Tay,” said Aaliyah. “I joined because I needed help and guidance. College Possible taught me about the college admissions process and gave me a lot of opportunities to apply for scholarships. Coach Tay showed my peers and me the many success stories that happened to students before us. I want to be successful like them.”

Aaliyah’s selection as a finalist for the prestigious scholarship is a recognition not only of her academic efforts but also of her commitment to making a meaningful difference in her community. The support and belief in her potential have fueled Aaliyah’s ambition to pursue a degree in psychology and, ultimately, to become a psychology professor.

“I hope to teach young people and make them aware of the way their minds work so that they can build healthier habits that benefit them and future generations,” said Aaliyah. 

As we eagerly await the scholarship admission results, Aaliyah’s determination serves as a powerful reminder that equitable education is a catalyst for breaking down barriers and paving the path to realizing one’s dreams.

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