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Texas College Bridge student resources

Texas College Bridge College & Career Support modules, provided by College Possible, are the ideal resource to help students prepare for college and the workforce.

A comprehensive guide to what comes next, these eight College & Career Support modules offer step-by-step guidance for juniors and seniors – from assessing the value of a postsecondary degree and demonstrating college readiness through enrolling in and transitioning to college. Throughout the modules, students will also find activities and downloadable checklists to support their postsecondary journeys.

Unit 1: Value of a postsecondary degree

Why a college degree is (still) worth it


Unit 2: Demonstrating college readiness

Importance of demonstrating college readiness


Unit 3: Career exploration

Personality type guided activity

Texas reality check activity

Career exploration guided activity

Helpful resources for post-college career exploration


Unit 4: Choosing your school

Finding the right college fit for you

Beginning the college research process

College selection: Using the college matrix tool

Unit 5: Introduction to paying for college and financial aid

Guide to financial aid and paying for college



Guide to understanding financial aid award letters


Unit 6: Your college application

Guide to college application fee waivers

College application checklist

Nail your resume in three steps

Guide to the college application essay

Entrance exams 101


Unit 7: Enrolling in college

Guide to comparing college and high school

Guide to college student orientation

Guide to college housing options

Glossary of college campus resources

What to expect your first college semester


Unit 8: Transitioning to college

How to manage stress in college

5 Proven study and time management habits for college success

Professionalism in college

Succeeding in online college classes

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