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Personality type guided activity

As you grow older, you will naturally learn more about yourself through the experiences you gain. Exploring your personality with the help of quizzes can be a fun and rewarding activity that can help you unpack your personality more quickly.

Personality quizzes can be an excellent way to learn more about yourself, but keep in mind that oftentimes these quizzes are only as accurate as you would like them to be. This means that they are great tools for exploring different aspects of your personality, but shouldn’t necessarily be viewed as all-encompassing and final. It is natural for some aspects of your personality to change as you learn and grow. You may also find results that you disagree with, and often those are the aspects that you’ll really want to explore within yourself.

In this Personality Type Guided Activity, we will use a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to gain insight into your interests and possible career paths that you would find fulfilling.


Personality type guided activity

Step 1: Personality quiz

Check out the free personality quiz from 16 Personalities.

When taking a personality quiz, try not to linger too long on any questions; rather go with your initial response. Try not to answer in the middle (neutral) on any of the questions.


Step 2: Personality type

You will receive your Myers-Briggs personality type after completing the quiz. Take some time to explore your type, and take special notice of areas that you agree or disagree with.


Step 3: Career paths

Take a close look at the Career Paths section. What resonates with you? Is the description in line with the type of work you enjoy?

You may also find more information about potential careers by navigating to this free personality test website, locating your type, and clicking “career choices.”


Step 4: Workplace habits

Take a closer look at the Workplace Habits section. Think about how you show up in a classroom or workplace setting. Does this align with the results of the quiz? Did anything surprise you?


Step 5: Guided activity

Use the guided activity below to further explore your personality type. Remember to save your worksheet so you can share your results. Download the Activity Worksheet


Step 6: Share your results

Have a friend or family member take this personality quiz based on how they perceive you and then compare your results! Often someone who knows you well will see aspects of your personality that you do not.

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