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Scholar spotlight: Anaya


Anaya Jones is one of only 30 Milwaukee high school students selected by Mount Mary University to receive the Grace Scholarship this year. The program provides scholars with academic, professional, and financial support through a group learning model that encourages community building and leadership development. Grace Scholar students receive financial aid and scholarship funds to cover 85% of tuition annually for four years. Anaya says she has accomplished what her parents had hoped for her: to get into a good school and earn scholarships. For Anaya, this feels amazing!

As a freshman at MMU, Anaya is studying biology on a pre-health science track. After completing her degree at MMU, she plans to attend veterinary school, as her love and care for animals has always drawn her to veterinary science. For now, she plans to get involved on the MMU campus by joining Bible study and taking part in Sit & Knit activities. Currently, Anaya is supported by her college coach, Lyndsey, who is there to help make sure Anaya’s first year of college goes smoothly. Before the school year began, Lyndsey supported Anaya as part of College Possible’s Summer Bridge Program, which supports scholars through their transition from high school to college.

I am grateful for my experience in College Possible,” says Anaya. “It felt like a long time coming. That extra support and knowledge that was given to me for college really helped me in the long run.”

At Milwaukee Lutheran High School, Anaya’s coach, Chue, supported her for both her junior and senior years. Chue was always there to listen to her, and she could always relate to him. It was during these two years that she discovered her love for learning.

Growing up, Anaya put herself under a lot of pressure to meet others’ expectations instead of her own. This was stressful and would often bring her down. Her experience with College Possible showed her a silver lining. Her newfound love for education, coupled with inspiration from her mother, encouraged her to let go of those pressures and pursue her education on her own terms.

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