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Coaches help scholars avoid summer melt

Summer melt occurs when students apply to and get accepted into college, but don’t end up enrolling. Although students may aspire to attend college, sometimes they can run into obstacles. These include changing financial circumstances, logistical problems or even nerves. Scholars may not have the resources or support to overcome these obstacles and follow through with enrollment. Therefore, the support of College Possible coaches does not end when school lets out and summer begins. The transition from high school to college is a huge milestone, so in July and August transition coaches step in to support students following graduation. This is “summer bridge.”

The summer bridge curriculum aims to help make the transition to college as smooth as it can be. With the help of transition coaches, scholars gain support with enrollment tasks such as accepting financial aid, paying for housing, registering for orientation and classes, and more. Transition coaches also help scholars prepare for life on campus and the start of classes. They provide scholars with one-on-one support and regular communication to help them have a successful start to college. Transition coaches not only support recent high school graduates, but also scholars entering their second year of college.

This summer, three Milwaukee coaches returned after their term of service to serve as transition coaches: Ana, Yee Leng and Lyndsey. Ana was previously a high school senior coach and both Yee Leng and Lyndsey were college coaches. Thanks to their guidance, scholars can beat summer melt and begin college feeling prepared. After summer bridge ends, these scholars will be paired with their college coach who will support them through the school year.

Learn more about summer bridge here.

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