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Photo of Sabrina Merritt

Sabrina Merritt

Student Events Coordinator

Sabrina is a nonprofit professional with a background in student support for both K-12 and undergraduate populations. After serving with…

Photo of woman in College Possible shirt, with medium length hair that sits at her shoulder. She is standing in front of a tree and posing for a professional headshot.

Riley Nelson

High School Program Coordinator

Originally from North Dakota, Riley moved to the Twin Cities area in the fall of 2021 after graduating with a…

Photo of Tim O'Halloran

Tim O’Halloran

Program Coordinator

Tim graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire in 2014. He worked in higher education for three years in both…

Photo of Thao Pham

Thao Pham

Senior College Program Coordinator

Thao joined College Possible in 2021 with more than five years of working in nonprofit and supporting students to gain…

Photo of Randy Sayavong

Randy Sayavong

College Program Coordinator

Randy comes from a first-generation and low-income background Hmong and Lao family. He is the first and only college graduate…

Photo of Shannon Thao

Shannon Thao

Navigate Program Coordinator

Shannon was born and raised in the Twin Cities. She graduated from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in the…

Photo of BG Tucker

BG Tucker

Senior Director of Programs

Originally from Virginia, BG went to college in Minnesota and then joined Teach for America, working as a kindergarten through…

Photo of Ashley Vang

Ashley Vang

Office Manager

Ashley grew up in central Indiana and earned her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education at Crown College. She spent four…

Photo of Mai Ka Vang

Mai Ka Vang

High School Program Coordinator

Mai joins College Possible with over five years of experience in K-12 education. She is an M.A. Teaching candidate at…

Photo of Nancy Vang

Nancy Vang

College Program Coordinator

Nancy is a first-generation college graduate who earned her bachelor's degree at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. As…

Photo of Pahoua Vang

Pahoua Vang

Recruitment Manager

Pahoua grew up in North Minneapolis and first joined College Possible as a student in 2010.  As a first-generation college…

Photo of Stella Vang

Stella Vang

Senior College Program Coordinator

Stella joined College Possible in the fall of 2019 with a passion for supporting AmeriCorps members and students. She grew…

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