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Freshman year on the horizon: College Possible student gets extra help to bolster confidence

College Possible Student, Maria, Walking The Stage At Her High School Graduate.

Student in graduation cap and gown on stage holding diploma, shaking the hand of a school official in a robeAlexander Hamilton High School graduate, Maria, wants to become a nurse. She was born prematurely and received life-saving care from her nurses in her earliest moments. The lifelong impact of this care from her nurses inspired her to pursue a career where she could help people. To find out if nursing was the right fit for her, she joined a Certified Nursing Assistant program offered at her school. Naturally, she loved it! This confirmed her desire to be a nurse. But, in order to become a nurse, she knew she’d have to go to college. 

One morning during announcements, she heard about the resources and mentorship opportunities available through College Possible Wisconsin. Wanting to take full advantage of the opportunities, she joined and met her coach, Fatima. Fatima would always check in with her in any way they could, whether a session, one-on-one meeting, or a Zoom call. They always provided her with important support and resources.

Now, she will begin school at Wisconsin Lutheran College this fall to begin studying nursing. Their nursing program has been recognized as a College of Distinction, and the school’s location and Christian values make it a perfect fit for Maria. 

“I want to go to college because I love learning new things and having new experiences. Going to college will offer both,” said Maria. 

Although school is out and summer break is in full swing, support from College Possible Wisconsin never stopped. As a part of College Possible Wisconsin’s summer bridge programming, Maria receives support from her transition coach, Megan, who is helping her feel as prepared as possible to start college in the fall. Megan has provided her with important college resources, talked to her about what to expect in college, and has been a general voice of support. 

College Possible Wisconsin’s summer bridge program pairs incoming college freshmen with a transition coach who supports them during summer break before they are paired with a college coach. They work with students to provide them with the resources they need to persist on to the next school year and combat a concept called, “summer melt.” This term is widely used in college admission and enrollment management. It refers to students being accepted and committed to a university, but for various reasons, withdrawing their enrollment plans during the summer months. Transition coaches play a vital role in ensuring College Possible students make it to college in the fall and start their university experience well-informed and ready for a new chapter.   Learn more about the summer bridge program and summer melt.

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