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Isabella Cook is a proud 2nd generation Trinidadian-American who has always advocated for the powers of education and the necessity of equity work. Growing up in a multi-racial household and family, Isabella hoped to see her different identities and cultures be represented in her learning. However, she quickly realized that this type of learning was not included in typical K-12 education.

Deeply connecting to the ethnic studies courses she was able to take while in college, Isabella sought to expand access to these community-centered classes and materials in K-12 and higher education. After receiving her B.A. in english at Gustavus Adolphus College (’22), Isabella began work with a local nonprofit as a youth program organizer, where she got to work directly with high school and college students, providing education support and services, as well as leading legislative advocacy to pass education policy. Through this work, she helped to pass the 2023 Ethnic Studies Legislation and Standards.

Isabella is very proud of her commitment to education equity and is excited to continue leading this work as a flagship program coordinator with the College Possible Minnesota team!

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