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Building career skills at DePaul University

Quan At DePaul University's Campus

When Quan graduated from Mather High School last spring, he knew college was the right next step. “Going to college always seemed like the best way to get the life and career I wanted,” said Quan, “Because I’m the first generation to go to college, I also knew I’d be making my family really proud.”

This motivation ultimately led him to enroll in DePaul University last fall, where he is excited to be working toward a career in accounting. As Quan nears the end of his freshman year, he is pleased by all he has accomplished so far while acknowledging that the journey has not always been easy.

As a high schooler, Quan initially felt overwhelmed by the college process. “If I hadn’t joined College Possible it would have been much more challenging to apply to college,” said Quan. “My coaches helped me a lot with my applications and in finding financial support like scholarships.”

In his senior year, his coach recommended him for a competitive scholarship opportunity, made possible through a partnership between College Possible and a local foundation. Ultimately, this scholarship helped Quan fill the gap in his financial aid package and enroll in his best-fit school, DePaul, which had a strong business program and the supportive environment he was looking for.

At first, the transition to college was a bit of an adjustment. It was challenging to keep up with the fast pace of DePaul’s quarter system, and commuting between home and school made it harder to build connections on campus.

Quan is thankful he could rely on College Possible throughout this time. “My coach, Jackie, always supports and believes in me,” he said. “She’s given me so much good advice to help me through my first year of college.”

Recently, Quan has been chatting with Jackie about securing an internship, which can be a daunting undertaking, especially without the right guidance. She taught him how to use an online networking and job placement platform created by CareerSpring, a partner of College Possible, to find and apply for an internship. “I’m most interested in an opportunity in accounting or business where I can gain experience for my future career,” said Quan.

Through a new career workshop series College Possible launched this year, he has also been able to practice skills like resume writing and interviewing that have helped him feel more confident in the process.

Thanks to the workshops and support I’ve received from College Possible, I feel more prepared putting together my resume and going to interviews,” said Quan.

Now in the final quarter of his freshmen year, Quan is feeling at home on DePaul’s campus and looks forward to taking more classes in his major. As he moves further along in his college journey, he finds comfort in the fact that he can always reach out to College Possible for guidance along the way. “College Possible has been such a big support for me in college so far,” said Quan. “And in the future, I know I can always go to my coach, Jackie, for advice whenever I feel overwhelmed and need help with school or my career.”

Interested in helping students like Quan pursue their college dreams? Register for an information session today to learn more about becoming a College Possible coach.

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