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Peter: Patricia Wilmeth Award

Photo of Peter HitlerAt the annual Dream Big Dinner, the Patricia Wilmeth Award recognizes individuals who have had a strong commitment and spirit of generosity to not only College Possible Milwaukee, but the entire Milwaukee community. This year, we are honoring Peter Hitler and his late wife, Sue Hitler, for their commitment of over 40 years to the betterment of the Milwaukee community.

For several decades, Peter has been involved with various youth-serving organizations in the area, including College Possible Milwaukee, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and more. He even worked directly with students while volunteering with a program at Riverside High School called “Choices,” where he spoke with young people about the importance of education and preparing for the future.  

Peter saw the economic inequity in Milwaukee and knew there was a need in our community. To him, there was no better place to start than to support the young people who are the future of Milwaukee. He focused on supporting organizations dedicated to Milwaukee’s youth, especially in the areas of education access and career coaching. 

His involvement with College Possible Milwaukee began eight years ago when he heard about the program through friends. Peter took a site visit and was impressed with College Possible’s mission and program offerings. It was important to him that our program not only helped students complete the steps to get into college but that we mentored them through their entire education journey. 

“At the site visit it really stuck out to me how difficult it was for students to get all the paperwork completed and the follow-up it takes. With the help of College Possible,  students can overcome barriers that stand in the way of college access, with mentorship and coaching along the way,” said Peter. 

This passion for supporting Milwaukee organizations and youth was largely inspired by his late wife, Sue, who had been incredibly involved with nonprofits as a dedicated volunteer, board member, and philanthropist. Together, they’ve been active in a variety of organizations in Milwaukee spanning 40 years of service. 

College Possible Milwaukee is grateful for Peter’s nearly decade-long support of our students and celebrates the impact both Peter and Sue have made in Milwaukee for over four decades. Sue’s legacy lives on through the impact of the work she did helping others and bettering Milwaukee for years to come. We are pleased to honor Peter and the memory of Sue with the Patricia Wilmeth Award for their generosity, care, and support of our community.  

Please join us in honoring Peter and Sue at the Dream Big Dinner. Tickets and sponsorships are available, visit to learn more. 

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