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Old National Bank lets their values drive community investment

Old National Bank Presenting Check To College Possible Milwaukee

The Community Reinvestment Act, enacted in 1977, requires banks and other financial institutions to help meet the credit needs of the communities in which they do business – particularly in low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. Since then, institutions have approached their giving in a variety of ways. Old National Bank has gone above and beyond by letting their corporate values drive their approach to not only community investment but also community engagement.

Inge Plautz, senior vice president and executive business development officer, recognizes the need in Milwaukee and strives to take action through Old National Bank’s community investment programs. “We don’t have the biggest checkbook but we have the biggest hearts,” is how she puts it when asked about how Old National Bank puts its values into action.

Their action is rooted in relationships. Plautz understands that being part of the community means that this work is not transactional. Their corporate values and ethics lead their vision for community connection in a very deliberate way. It is a shared mission for the betterment of the community.

She first learned about College Possible on the golf course with friends. Learning about the impact and journey of the scholar experience really resonated with her and the relationship grew from there. It was an added bonus when she learned that Old National Bank’s footprint overlapped with College Possible.

Plautz defines her vision for Old National Bank’s connection to College Possible as a “bias for action.” Through an intentional and deliberate approach to connecting people and mission, she is committed to enhancing the future opportunities of communities and its residents for good.

Andrea Marquardt Finck, vice president and community relations manager for Old National Bank agrees. Inequity, brain drain, and lack of opportunity are a few of the root causes she and Plautz have identified as key factors in the health and resilience of a community – specifically Milwaukee. Together, they are working to target Old National Bank investments to build capacity in organizations that can impact the greatest number of people. For Plautz and Finck, College Possible fits the bill with the recognition that a college degree can be the difference for an individual in having a career, developing their talents, and putting a fingerprint on generations to come.

A college degree can open up new opportunities and create better life outcomes for students from underserved communities. College Possible is grateful for the investment and partnership with Old National Bank and their recognition that the power of our work is rooted in people. College Possible leadership and coaches provide the added layer of strength and passion that drives our connection and synergy with Old National Bank.

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