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Metro Visit Days continues to grow

For over 10 years, late winter at College Possible Minnesota means it’s time for Metro Visit Days – an annual tour event for high school students who are in the midst of their search for their perfect college. Metro Visit Days is College Possible’s most accessible event: Students are picked up from their high schools on a weekday afternoon and driven to a central meeting place where they then travel by bus to their chosen college.

For the first time ever, College Possible Minnesota held two Metro Visit Days events in one program year: One in the fall, which focused on high school seniors and one in the spring that both high school junior and seniors were invited to. One hundred and fifty eight students from 22 flagship and navigate high schools attended. Of those 158 students, 112 are high school juniors and 48 are high school seniors. Combined with the Metro Visit Days event in the fall, a total of 261 students visited local colleges and universities; a 57 percent increase from last year’s Metro Visit events.

Holding multiple events means that seniors had the opportunity to attend three Metro Visit Days during their time in the program, if desired. Additionally, this spring, the programs events team switched up the colleges choices to include more area schools. Students had the opportunity to visit one of five colleges – Augsburg, Hamline University, Macalester College (new to the event this year), St. Catherine University, and the University of St. Thomas. By offering new college options, we were able to showcase more of the many great colleges in the cities.

Of the 158 students who participated in Metro Visit Days, 90 students rated the event “very valuable” or “extremely valuable.” “I loved hearing from Macalester College’s current students,” said Harding High School student, Tiffany. “The insight they provided was very helpful. It was nice getting to ask them personal questions about their college experience and advice.” Heaven, a student at Blaine High School said, “This was so awesome, thank you so much for the opportunity,” regarding their visit to Augsburg University. “I loved touring around the university and getting to know some of the students and staff, along with the information being told,” said Madalena, a Johnson High School student while touring St. Catherine University.

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