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College Possible Minnesota expands Metro Visit Days event

For more than 10 years, February at College Possible Minnesota means it’s time for Metro Visit Days – an annual tour event for high school juniors who are beginning their search for their perfect college. Metro Visit Days is College Possible’s most accessible event: Students are picked up from their high schools on a weekday afternoon and driven to a central meeting place where they then travel by bus to their chosen college. All their transportation and food during the visit is provided, and there is space for all students to attend.

This November, we hosted the first Metro Visit Days event of the year, transporting 103 seniors representing 15 Flagship and Navigate high schools across the metro area. This is a unique experience for students who are nearing the end of their college search to visit four Twin Cities colleges. Holding this event during the school day in the fall allowed for more daylight on campus than the regular Metro Visit Days event and gave visiting students a better feel of schools during active hours.

Students reported that this was a great chance to visit a metro-area school they had applied to or were considering committing to. The event was rated “very valuable” earning 4.4 out of 5 stars. “I loved how beautiful the campus was, it was so big and fancy,” said Narriah, a student from Columbia Heights High School about the University of St. Catherine. “I also love how inclusive the school is and how they specialize in empowering women,” Ree from Humboldt High School said. They continued, “I liked the tour because I was able to envision for myself what it would be like to go to this school,” when asked about their visit to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

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