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Meet Sherlean: Triple Degree Graduate and Future PhD Student

Young Woman Dressed In Graduation Garb, Standing In Front Of A Stadium Full Of People While Smiling And Holding Her Diploma

For Sherlean, college wasn’t just a personal ambition—it was a chance to break generational barriers and pave the way for her siblings. “Growing up, I never had anyone around me who had a college degree,” Sherlean reflected. “Obtaining a college degree means the world to me; I never imagined graduating, let alone with three bachelor’s degrees.”

Joining College Possible in high school provided Sherlean with the support and guidance she needed to navigate the challenges of higher education. “I wanted someone who would be in my corner, who had gone to college,” Sherlean shared. “College Possible has impacted me by allowing me to utilize the space where people like me can thrive.”

Despite facing imposter syndrome and uncertainties along the way, Sherlean persisted. “College is intimidating, but you belong there,” she advises future College Possible students. “Equip yourself with as much time and patience as possible.”

A class of 2024 graduate from Marquette University, Sherlean’s journey to academic success is a testament to the power of education, grit, and perseverance. At Marquette University, Sherlean flourished as a Burke Scholar and triple majored in political science, international affairs, and peace studies. Her passion for diplomacy and addressing global issues drove her academic pursuits and involvement in various student organizations, including Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., and the Institute for Women’s Leadership.

With plans to pursue a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Iowa, Sherlean envisions a future dedicated to research and making a difference in the world. “I am proud of graduating in four years without any debt,” Sherlean reflected. “As a first-generation college student, it was hard, but I did it.”

Throughout her college years, College Possible Wisconsin served as a steadfast support system, providing guidance and encouragement. Sherlean reflected on her relationship with her coach, Millia, fondly and explained that the coaching she received exemplifies College Possible’s commitment to nurturing success. “My relationship with Millia has been the best,” Sherlean said. “College Possible has helped me through my time in college with continuous support, reminding me what is needed for the next school year, and helping me create a plan.”

Congratulations, Sherlean, on your remarkable achievements, and best wishes for a bright and successful future!

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