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Meet Omaha board member, Jack Becker

This is part of a monthly series featuring College Possible Omaha Board of Directors. Previous board profiles include Board Chair Lisa Lackovic, Jianqiang Hao, Jeff McGinn, and Gretchen Twohig.

Jack Becker

Title: Executive Director & CEO, Joslyn Art Museum

College:  Bachelor of Arts, Carleton College; Master of Arts and Ph.D. University of Delaware, and Master of Business & Science, University of Michigan

Community Involvement: Greater Omaha Chamber Board of Directors; various other committees around the arts

Hobbies:  Travel, bicycling, working out, and hiking

What is a strength of the organization? 

“College Possible fulfills an incredibly important niche in Omaha and nationwide by working with those high school students who demonstrate that they are prime candidates for a college education.

Working with these students in high school and during their college career provides incredible support and mentoring to these individuals as they prepare for a successful life and career.”

Who impacted you on your journey to a college degree? 

“I had strong support from a history teacher who encouraged me to think broadly about the study of history and government and to be socially active. I had a high school counselor who began to work with me my junior year to think about college and what might be possible in terms of the kind of school I could attend.”

What have you learned since being on the board?

“I have grown to appreciate the programming work that happens behind the scenes with high school students to help them prepare for college.  The data is strong and the organization has managed to keep on target despite the pandemic and the challenges presented by it.

Why do you serve with College Possible?

I believe strongly in the idea of access – access to the arts, access to health care, access to clean water, access to a living wage and access to education.

A college education is an important step for a number of young people and making sure that everyone has access to education is key to building a better America.”

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