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Dedicated Leader: Lisa Lackovic, Omaha Board Chair

Lisa Lackovic Photo

Some supporters rise above. They care about the community, its youth and access to higher education to their core and support the mission each year. College Possible Omaha Board Chair Lisa Lackovic is one of those people.

Lisa Lackovic

Board Chair, College Possible Omaha and Architectural Representative, Endicott Clay Products

When you joined the board: 2015

“It is truly an honor to serve as Board Chair of College Possible Omaha.  We have a very talented and diverse board who offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to College Possible.  We are here to serve.  Do not hesitate to reach out to any of us for mentoring, career advice or community connections.”

Alma maters: Ryan High School in Omaha and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Why do you serve with College Possible? 

“This was a great opportunity to support an organization that encourages and guides young people to attend college to set them up for success.

I took my education for granted.  I now know I am where I am in my career due to the degree I hold.”

What do you see as a strength of the organization?

“I like the fact that there are many layers to College Possible.  We do not just hand out scholarships and say good luck – we support junior and seniors in high school and show them the way to improve their ACT scores, apply to colleges, and seek ways to pay for college through financial aid or scholarships. We don’t just drop them off at the college admissions office and walk away. We have coaches on campus that get them TO and THROUGH college.

Another layer is the workforce development aspect.  We are providing the Omaha business community with work-ready college graduates.  It is truly a win-win for all of us.”

Name one or two influential “coaches” or people who supported you on your path to a college degree.

“I had a high school guidance counselor who told me I was a “people person.”  At the time, I did not understand that my personality was my strength.

She explained to me that I would be successful at whatever I chose to do because I had the ability to get along with people and the communication skills to lead.  She told me that I could win people over and should find a job that involved being in front of people.

I guess that is why I love selling brick!  I truly enjoy getting to know my customers on a personal level and developing a strong working relationship.”

What have you learned since being on the board?  

“I have learned that it takes a village to orchestrate college prep in 9 high schools.  I am amazed at the dedication of our coaches … and the discipline of our students and the determination of our staff.  I get choked up at Launch every year when I see so many students make it through the process and get accepted to colleges all over the US.  It blows me away.”

How do your values align with the organization?  

“I have always been told I am a strong person and that I can do anything if I set my mind to it.  I am a hard worker and want to make a difference in the world.  This is true of all our College Possible students.  They are an inspiration to me in the future of our young people.”

What are other community interests?

“I love supporting many nonprofit organizations.  I have participated in Girls Inc. events, Lutheran Family Services Refugee program and Habitat for Humanity.  I traveled to Romania to help build a home as part of the Habitat for Humanity Global Village Team.”

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