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Meet Koren

School: Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Class of 2016

Koren and her College Possible coach have become an unstoppable duo on the path to college success!

“With College Possible, I don’t have anything hindering me from going on to my next step – college.”

Koren has never lost sight of her dream of becoming a doctor, and she knows education is the path to realizing that dream. Koren’s mother instilled in her the drive to go to college, not having had the opportunity herself.

“As the first in my family to go to college, I needed a little more help than what my mom could give me.”

With the help of her College Possible coach, Amanda, Koren raised her ACT score by ten points as a junior. Despite commitments to two jobs in addition to numerous extracurriculars, Koren and Amanda worked together to ensure ACT preparation fit into Koren’s busy schedule last year.

This year, Koren and Amanda continue to pave Koren’s path toward college. Koren has been able to discover colleges that are right for her, and to submit excellent applications.

“I cannot stray from my goal to become a psychologist or psychiatrist. I know education will take me places. With College Possible, I don’t have anything hindering me from going on to my next step – college.”

Koren has been accepted to six colleges, and awarded to visits to colleges across the country who were so impressed by her that they offered to cover the costs of flying her to visit their campuses.

Update as of May 2017: Koren is finishing up her first year at Marquette University and she is still unstoppable. Her grades are excellent and she communicates with her College Coach Eli regularly so she can stay on track for graduation in 2020. Her major is currently undecided but she is thinking about communication or psychology. 

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