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Meet Jessie

School: University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Class of 2017

Jessie Curry has always been dependable. From completing her FAFSA and scholarship applications, to balancing work, family time and staying in touch, it’s no surprise she has thrived in college.

“Jessica is the epitome of reliability,” said Kyle Nickodem, Jessie’s junior and senior coach at Riverside University High School. “Whether she is responding to a request for help or pursuing her own goals, she can be counted on to follow through with her commitments.”

In high school, Jessie worked with Kyle on a scholarship application that would radically alter her college experience. During her senior year, Jessie was awarded the Gates Millennium Scholarship which eliminates all financial barriers to college for students with high academic and leadership promise.

Throughout college, Jessie has consistently been a reliable student and she credits her time at UW-Whitewater with developing these skills even further.

“The college experience has been great because it taught me how to be a responsible young adult,” said Jessie. “It has also taught me that even though it can be tough, there are always great people behind me.”

One of those people is her Milwaukee-based college coach, Holly Tracy.

“Jessica is consistently positive and appreciative in all of her actions,” said Holly. “She asks thoughtful questions and if something does not go as planned, she knows how to take a step back to reflect on how to get back on track.”

This attitude and approach to life has served Jessie well. In December she will graduate with a bachelor’s degree and plans to enroll in graduate school to receive her master’s degree in psychology.

“I want to be a school psychologist someday and work with youth,” said Jessie.

It’s clear that the combination of Jessie’s gracious spirit combined with the guidance of her various College Possible coaches have led her to a place where she will be well positioned to make a difference in the lives of other young people.

“I am so excited for her future because I know that she will do great things,” said Holly. “Her humility speaks volumes about how determined and optimistic she is.  I have confidence in her and know she is destined for something great!”

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