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Introducing the ATC Scholarship: A tool to empower college and career endeavors

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In an exciting collaboration, ATC has joined forces with College Possible Milwaukee to establish a scholarship program aimed at supporting and empowering scholars to achieve their higher education and career goals.

This newly formed partnership highlights the shared goals and values of both organizations in promoting education and investing in the local community. The scholarship will award two scholars $2500 each, enabling them to further their academic pursuits and fulfill their academic potential. 

The scholarship is specifically designed for enrolled scholars who are within four semesters of completing their degree. This unique opportunity is an acknowledgement that oftentimes, financial aid and scholarship awards decrease as scholars persist, yet the need for support continues.

The partnership will also provide an expansive mentorship program, which will work to enhance the overall educational experience, provide invaluable insight to the scholars and encourage scholars to persist through degree completion. 

“Education is a focus area at ATC because we realize that our success in the future depends on it,” explained Jennifer Bradley, ATC consultant corporate communications project manager. “We know that the knowledge our employee mentors have will benefit their mentees and give them extra support as they navigate their college experience. Those moments where we can make a difference are what we are most excited about.”

Facilitating scholars’ connection to internships and job opportunities in Milwaukee upon graduation is essential to tackling our community’s challenges if attracting young professionals. Milwaukee employers, including companies such as ATC, have a pressing need for strong, diverse talent. College Possible Milwaukee works to coach and support scholars in their journey to and through college and onto a sustainable career path.  “ATC is also working to create awareness about careers in our company and our industry, especially among underrepresented groups” said Bradley. “College Possible will help connect us with scholars who we hope to someday see among our employees.”

By expanding equitable access to a college degree, the support of partners like ATC, who recognize that developing diverse talent drives innovation and enables the business community to remain relevant and competitive, helps promote a stronger Milwaukee. College Possible Milwaukee is grateful for ATC’s investment in our community and is proud to partner with ATC in their efforts to empower scholars on their path to college completion and to cultivate meaningful and rewarding career opportunities.

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