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Finding the right fit at Coe College

College Possible Coach Cammy And Student

Cammy’s college search began with two requirements: a strong creative writing program and a welcoming community. After touring several college campuses on her list, an overnight stay at Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, made the aspiring writer feel at home.

“I love how friendly everyone is at Coe,” Cammy said. “I wanted a smaller school where I wasn’t just a number and I could really have a one-on-one experience with teachers.”

Cammy has been planning for college since her first College Possible session in high school, where she confidently announced, “I want to be the first of my siblings to attend a four-year university.”

She’s made that assertion a fact by her hard work and committed participation in College Possible’s high school programming, programming that led to a significant increase in her ACT score. That increase led to Coe awarding Cammy several scholarships, including the Trustees Scholarship of $20,000, which allowed her to join Coe’s class of 2021. As a current freshman, she is now officially on her way to earning a college degree.

The recent Bowen High School graduate instantly bonded with her roommate and quickly settled in to her new life. She often stays up at night playing Dance, Dance, Revolution with her friends and boasts of holding the high score among her friends.

Cammy is part of the first class of College Possible Chicago students to go to college. More than 80 percent of this first group of students— representing 2017 graduates from five Chicago Public Schools campuses — started college this fall with the help of their College Possible coaches.

Cammy feels supported by her coach, Erika. “It’s great to know I have someone to talk to about college. I know I can go to her with anything.”

With her first semester of classes underway, each day reaffirms Cammy’s dream of majoring in creative writing. Coe’s writing center was not only an asset that attracted Cammy to the school, but a resource her College Possible coach has helped her utilize.

“Cammy’s adjustment to Coe has been very rapid and beautiful… her positivity will come in handy during the tough days that college brings,” Erika said.

Cammy is just one of the 570 high school and college students supported by College Possible Chicago this year. For many, finding the right college is essential to making their college journey a successful one. Clearly, Cammy has found the right college to help her thrive and achieve her dreams.

This story was originally featured in College Possible’s Annual Report.

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