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College Possible Wisconsin welcomes 28 AmeriCorps coaches for the new school year

A Group Photo Of College Possible Milwaukee Leadership Team And AmeriCorps Coaches

August 14 may have been an average Monday to some, but for College Possible Wisconsin, it marked the very first day of our 2023-24 Welcome Weeks in which 28 new and returning AmeriCorps coaches officially began their service year. Coaches spent Welcome Weeks connecting with fellow team members, learning the College Possible mission, and training to support scholars before the school year begins. This is an exciting time as the team prepared and amped up for a new school year of programming!

Welcome Weeks is a three-week intensive training series for both new and returning AmeriCorps coaches. They receive a variety of training covering best coaching techniques, diversity, equity, and inclusion practices, scholar curriculum, and leadership training to equip them for success. AmeriCorps coach alumni even joined in for a speaking panel to share their past experiences. Throughout these training sessions, there were fun opportunities to connect and strengthen team relationships, too. On the first day there was a team breakfast and following training, a social with delicious treats and fun games to wrap everything up. At the end of the second week, the team spent the afternoon at UpDown for pizza and arcade games. In between sessions there were community builders: quick games and activities led by returning coaches who have joined us for a second year. These moments allow for bonding and strengthen team culture.

By the end of Welcome Weeks, coaches were ready to meet their cohorts of scholars and began working with them towards earning their degree. Yanderi is an access coach and College Possible alum returning for a second year of service to support the same cohort of high school students she did last year. She said, “While I feel a bit nervous that Welcome Weeks are coming to an end, I’m super excited to connect with my students again and get them started on their college path!”

We are excited to kick off the 2023-24 school year with an amazing group of individuals who will surely make an impact through their term of service.


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