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College Possible Student Spotlight: Victoria Clay, Omaha Northwest 2020 Class President

Victoria Clay is a bubbly, optimistic and driven student. She’s involved in school, church and her community. This fall, Victoria will become a first generation college student, attending the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Born in Thailand, Victoria moved to Omaha as a child with her parents and has two younger sisters. She works at a local Thai restaurant and enjoys spending time with her family. Victoria graduated from Omaha Northwest High Magnet School in May and served as 2020 Class President.

Victoria wants to get a college degree so she can learn about law, network with local leaders, and be a strong candidate for higher paying jobs. She said college is “an opportunity that opens the door to more opportunities.”

That is why Victoria joined College Possible her junior year of high school.

“I really love College Possible. I joined because I knew it would help me get to college and be with me all the way,” Victoria said.

Many of her friends had been accepted into the program, and she didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity for support. She encouraged her younger sister to join College Possible, too.

“My College Possible Coach Bri makes everything enjoyable and has taught us everything, how to manage our money, apply for scholarships, write essays and fill out FAFSA. Without her, I would not know how to fill out my FAFSA. Bri is always there, pushing me to prepare for college and reminding me why it’s a great opportunity to meet people and find jobs.”

Victoria flourished as a student and representative of her community: a member of National Honor Society, student advisor for Omaha Public Schools, secretary of student council and class president of her high school class.

Through hard work and support from College Possible, Victoria earned the Goodrich Scholarship and Fraser Stryker Diversity Scholarship.

“Fraser Stryker really focuses on diversity and helping out people in need. As an underrepresented person, I wanted to represent the underrepresented,” she said. As part of the diversity scholarship, Victoria will earn a paid internship at the law firm next year in Omaha.

Victoria has plans for her future. Her involvement in Mock Trail, a student organization that reenacts court cases and competes with students from other high schools, inspired her to become a lawyer. She’ll study criminology and criminal justice starting at UNO, a school she choose so she can stay close with family and church.

“I recommend College Possible, because it is a life changing experience. Without it, I wouldn’t have the scholarships, or the confidence in myself. College Possible helped me realize I can be the person I want to be and the person my parents want to be. They help guide me, answer questions, and they’re always there for me, even through college, too!”

After her bachelor’s degree, Victoria aspires to graduate law school. She said the support of College Possible helped open her mind to options and gain confidence.

“Students like Victoria are extremely ambitious, talented and will go far in the future, and at College Possible, we have the benefit of supporting and assisted her on her journey to and through college,” Arvin Frazier, College Possible Executive Director said.

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