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College Possible Minnesota’s Direct Student Aid provides emergency funding for students

A stronger Minnesota begins with college equity. One of the many ways College Possible Minnesota supports students is through our Direct Student Aid program. This is not a scholarship program in the traditional sense, as the application simply requires a copy of the student’s most recent transcript and their financial aid package information.

“College Possible’s Direct Student Aid was thoughtful in assisting me with my financial needs and was glad to assist me with the remaining tuition balance on my student hold,” says Scout, a sophomore at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. “As a first-generation college student, I struggled to pay the remaining balance of my tuition, and I was worried about the financial burden of paying for tuition out-of-pocket, or taking out large sums of loans. However, the College Possible Direct Student Aid had lifted the financial burden, allowing me to focus on my academics and stay on track with graduation.”

College Possible’s Direct Student Aid program offers “microgrants” to college students who need emergency support funding during their educational journey. These funds can cover any direct education costs such as tuition and fees, room and board, or account balances, and any student is eligible for this fund, regardless of what year they are in school. This funding is considered “last dollar” aid, and AmeriCorps coaches work with students to find additional opportunities for funding (both through their campus and in their local community) before guiding them to apply to College Possible’s Direct Student Aid. In the three years since its inception, this program has awarded over $53,000 to College Possible Minnesota students and has allowed numerous students to fulfil their dream of receiving a college degree.

“During this difficult time in my life, College Possible’s direct assistance has provided me with hope and support,” says Aicha, a senior at Augsburg University. “I have been able to navigate through unforeseen challenges with the financial assistance provided to me. In addition to easing the financial strain, College Possible has also played an integral role in ensuring that I am still able to pursue my academic goals, despite obstacles I may encounter. My sincere gratitude goes out to you for helping me. I am forever grateful.”

It’s through continued donor support of College Possible that we can help students like Scout and Aicha close the financial gap and complete their degree. To learn more about College Possible Minnesota’s Direct Student Aid, read about Onyin’s college journey.

Would you like to support students like Scout and Aicha? Make a donation today to help students when unforeseen financial challenges arise.

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