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Meet Onyin, College Possible student and direct student aid recipient

A stronger Minnesota begins with more college graduates. One of the many ways College Possible Minnesota supports students is through internal funding sources. These three resources, Direct Student Aid, the College Possible Scholarship, and Better Futures Forward are not scholarships in the traditional sense, as the application is simply a copy of the student’s most recent transcript and their financial aid package information.

College Possible’s Direct Student Aid program provides “microgrants” to students who require additional funding to stay enrolled in or to graduate from college. These funds can cover tuition and fees, room and board, account balances, or other direct college costs, and any student is eligible for this fund, regardless of what year they are in school. This funding is considered “last dollar” aid, and coaches work with students to seek out other opportunities for funding (both through their campus and in their local community) before guiding them to apply to College Possible’s Direct Student Aid. In the three years since its inception, this program has awarded almost $53,000 to College Possible Minnesota students and has allowed numerous students to fulfil their dream of receiving a college degree.

Onyin is currently a senior at Grinnell College in Grinnell, Iowa. She will graduate this spring and is planning to pursue a physician’s assistant program next year.

Direct Student Aid was incredibly helpful for me,” said Onyin. “I was struggling to figure out how to pay the remaining balance of my tuition, and the Direct Student Aid took care of that for me. It eased the financial burden of paying for tuition, allowing me to focus on my studies without worrying about the financial stress. Having the financial burden lifted meant a lot to me, both emotionally and practically. It relieved the stress and anxiety that came with worrying about how to pay for my education and potentially not graduating with my class. It also provided a sense of relief and gratitude toward College Possible Minnesota for providing the aid. It shows that they care about my success and are invested in me completing my degree,” Onyin continued. “The process of receiving the student aid was manageable. It made sense to submit the supporting documents to prove that you are in need of financial assistance. I believe College Possible makes the process as simple and accessible as possible to students, providing clear instructions to guide them through the application process.”

It’s through continued donor support of College Possible that we are able to help students like Onyin close the financial gap in order to complete their degree.

Would you like to support students like Onyin? Make a donation today at to help students when unforeseen financial challenges arise.

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