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College Possible Minnesota welcomes back returning AmeriCorps service member Linda Yang

The end of the summer means a new group of AmeriCorps service members begin their term of service as coaches for College Possible. Coaches are the backbone of College Possible and work tirelessly to support students from junior year of high school until they graduate college. College access and success coaches work in schools throughout Minnesota and ensure that students have the support they need to feel prepared to succeed in higher education. College Possible Minnesota is excited to welcome our newest group of coaches, and we’re full of gratitude for the work they do to advance educational equity.

This year in Minnesota, College Possible welcomes back nine returner coaches who will be supporting students for a second year. One of those coaches is Linda Yang. Linda grew up in the Twin Cities and graduated from the University of Minnesota. Below, Linda answers a few questions about why she wanted to return as a coach, what she’s excited about this upcoming year, and what she enjoys doing when she isn’t supporting students.

Why did you renew your AmeriCorps term of service as a College Possible coach?
Beyond the work that we do with the students we serve, I made the decision to do a second year as an AmeriCorps coach because I feel seen and supported by my team and the College Possible community.

What things did you learn last year that you’re excited to bring with you into this year?
I learned about the types of scholarships that College Possible makes available to our students. I am excited to promote these scholarships to my students earlier in the academic year so they feel adequately prepared to apply for those opportunities. I also learned in detail about the obstacles students face who are eligible for MN Dream Act. I look forward to sharing about how we successfully navigated these challenges with last year to help my team this year.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
I’m really looking forward to connecting with students this year. I am excited to learn about the various interests they have and I’m excited to support them in their journey toward admittance into higher education!

Where did you serve last year and what’s your coach position this year?
Last year I was a full-time Navigate coach, supporting high school senior students across (and beyond) the metro area in a tech-connected program. I coached students from Becker, Eden Prairie, Elk River, FAIR, Farmington, Fridley, James Madison, Moorhead, North Saint Paul, Sartell, and Ubah Medical Academy (that’s 11 different schools). This year, I have the same coaching position, but my cohort will include different students!

What’s the best thing you did this summer?
The best thing I did this summer was reconnect with a friend. One memorable thing we did together was watch the latest Spiderverse movie in theaters. I’ve been a fan of Spiderman since childhood and although the Spiderverse trilogy is not completed yet, it’s already my favorite!

Do you have a favorite book, band, or TV show?
Right now, my favorite book is “The Bride Price” by Mai Neng Moua. In my mid 20s it feels more relevant, and I’ve learned so much about the Hmong culture and our practices.

What do you like to do when you aren’t supporting students at College Possible?
I love being an aunt and hanging out with my nieces and nephews. Our new favorite thing to do is play Roblox games.

If you’re like Linda and want to help students reach their dreams of earning a college degree, browse our open coach positions, or join our email list to learn about upcoming information sessions.

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