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A Note from Executive Director, Kellie J. Sigh – December, 2020

At the start of 2020, I identified two words that would guide my thinking and my actions. Those words were purpose and gratitude. Now, as this year comes to a close, the word that resonates most is gratitude.

We have spent three-quarters of the year reacting to and talking about the double pandemic: the coronavirus and racial inequities. Those who have fallen prey to the virus and the not new racial inequities have suffered deeply. For many, this deep pain has led to changed behavior and renewed thought. For me, the events of 2020 have most definitely impacted my actions and thoughts while also facilitating greater levels of appreciation for what I do have.

My gratitude includes:

College Possible Milwaukee Scholars and their Families: Brilliant, promising youth who entrust a portion of their academic journey to us, allowing us to team up with them as they pursue their post-secondary goals. Without our scholars, our mission and purpose are baseless.

College Possible Milwaukee AmeriCorps Members: Recent college graduates who dedicate their energy, experience, heart, and passion for service. Our work cannot be extended to the 2,000 scholars we serve without the dedication of our near-peer coaches.

College Possible Milwaukee Supporters/Funders: Faithful friends and family who truly make the work that we do possible. Without their unfailing care and concern for the scholars, their belief in the mission, and their support of the staff, College Possible Milwaukee would simply be unable to continue.

College Possible Milwaukee Board of Directors: The backbone of College Possible Milwaukee whose rock-steady support and generosity has been paramount to the success of the Milwaukee site. This group of selfless individuals are the unsung heroes to whom the most sincere thanks is owed.

College Possible Milwaukee Leadership Team: Mission-focused, committed individuals who consistently offer their best in providing guidance and support to our 37 AmeriCorps members while also executing the daily programmatic and development operations for the Milwaukee site. This amazing group of 14 leaders are a tremendous blessing to Milwaukee specifically and the entire College Possible organization.

“Gratitude helps us to see what is there, instead of what isn’t”  -A.B.

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