Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies, CollegePoint is a virtual advising program that helps high-achieving low-and moderate-income students apply to top colleges and universities nationwide.

Each year, tens of thousands of hardworking, high-achieving students from lower income families do not apply to leading colleges and universities that they are qualified to attend. Students often lack personalized guidance about which institutions are a good match given their level of academic achievement, and accurate information about the real costs of attending leading institutions.

In 2014, Bloomberg Philanthropies and America Achieves launched CollegePoint, a coalition of nonprofit organizations and philanthropic institutions with the goal of increasing the number of high-achieving, low- and moderate-income students enrolling in top-performing colleges from 1/3 of 75,000 students each year to more than 1/2 by 2020. College Possible is a proud partner in this effort. CollegePoint coaches support students from all across the country, connecting via video chat, phone, email, text, social media and other remote platforms, to help students navigate the college search, application, financial aid and enrollment processes.

Coaching Model

CollegePoint coaches at College Possible provide students with the individualized support they need to navigate the college application and financial aid process. Our coaches support students in making a college list, revising college essays, navigating the financial aid process, finding and applying to scholarships, and making an informed college decision. Students connect with their coaches via text, email, phone, and video chat, reaching students across the entire country. We focus on helping our students find intuitions that fit their academic, financial, and social needs.


CollegePoint coaches at College Possible serve at our sites in Portland, OR and St. Paul, MN. If you are interested in learning more about CollegePoint and how to apply for a coaching position, please contact Emily Stacken, Program Manager, at


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