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We believe a college education is truly transformational.

College Possible is among the largest nonprofit college access and success organizations in the U.S. We believe that by empowering students to access higher education and thrive through college in the face of broader systemic challenges, we can truly change the world.

The college degree divide is influenced by race and income, not by talent or interest. We provide a results-driven program that helps students from diverse backgrounds get into college and persist through graduation. This programming is supported by recruiting, training and motivating recent college graduates who serve through AmeriCorps as near-peer coaches.

Our Mission

Our mission is to close the degree divide and make college possible for students from low-income backgrounds through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support.

Near-peer coaching: College Possible is 
a proud AmeriCorps organization, powered by talented and idealistic AmeriCorps and VISTA members who serve as near-peer coaches to high school or college students.

Research-based curriculum: We realize that the path to and through college is complex. Our curriculum encompasses topics such as finding a best-fit college, academic preparation, financial planning and personal development.

Peer support network: We build a community of support among College Possible students to serve as an additional source of encouragement for one another.

Commitment to college success: The goal of helping students earn a college degree drives all that we do.

This is our passion.

College Possible was founded by a first-generation college graduate, and all of our people are driven to help every student succeed.

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We all benefit from having more college graduates.

College Possible was founded on the idea that children should go as far as their talent and motivation takes them. Since our founding in 2000, College Possible has become a leading organization in the field of college access and success with a track record of best-in-class results, rigorous evaluation and innovation.

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Discover how College Possible helped Kryssy pursue her dream of helping others.

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