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Winter event highlights local nonprofits: College Possible Omaha makes a strong presence

Advancement Committee Members Katie And Chase Talk With A Parent.

In early December, College Possible Omaha actively participated in Project Intentional’s Winter Wonderland Emporium Holiday Store, a community-focused event designed to foster connections and provide essential resources for families in the Omaha metro area. The holiday store, hosted at Baxter Arena, featured over 50 nonprofit organizations and various professional and personal resources.

The core objective of the Winter Wonderland Emporium was to connect families with crucial resources available throughout the Omaha metro area. College Possible Omaha, as one of the featured nonprofits, leveraged the opportunity to showcase our programs and engage with parents and families who could benefit from our services.

Members of the College Possible Omaha advancement committee, including Chase, Katie, and Mackenzie, actively participated in the event by distributing informational flyers and engaging in conversations about the programs offered and the schools currently served. Katie, a college access coach, found the event incredibly valuable. Reflecting on her experience, she emphasized the abundance of resources available in the community, stating, “It was really nice to see all the other support out there.”

Katie also highlighted the meaningful interactions with parents and families, recounting a conversation with a stressed mother whose high school student is thinking about college. Katie shared, “She was excited to learn that we will be able to provide support when the time comes.” These personal connections underscored the importance of our mission in supporting students on their journey to college.

Composed of current AmeriCorps members and the advancement team, the College Possible Omaha advancement committee actively participates in events that align with our mission. By spreading awareness and engaging with the community at gatherings like the Winter Wonderland Emporium, we aim to extend our reach throughout Omaha. Through these events, College Possible Omaha ensures that our valuable resources and opportunities are accessible and widely known in the local community.

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