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Why College Possible coaches matter, according to students | part 2

At College Possible, we always strive to celebrate the hard work and dedication of our AmeriCorps coaches. March 13-17, 2023, otherwise known as AmeriCorps Appreciation Week, we called special attention to the impact they make on the students they serve and the College Possible organization as a whole.

We asked College Possible students to tell us a quick story or note about why their coach mattered in their life and a few words to describe their coach. Based on the number of responses we received, students love their coaches as much as we do. We took those descriptive words and used them to create a word cloud. And we’ve included several of the stories below. You can also find these student stories on our social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Here’s what they had to say about what their coaches meant to them during AmeriCorps Appreciation Week:

“Allison is a great coach and someone who matters to me because, not too long ago, she was a student herself and she understands the struggles of being a college student. She’s also funny, which makes situations that are down-in-mood easier to cope with.” – Cenying

“Not only is she a mentor for me, but she’s someone I trust. She’s very caring, she doesn’t teach like a robot; she looks for other ways to engage with us and always makes sure we’re doing good. She always puts our mental health and our safety first. She makes learning fun and is still able to teach us everything we have to learn. I can go to Anna and ask for help and be able to talk about other things while getting our work done. She’s the person I go to after a long day and she listens to me without judgement.” – Faisa

“Throughout my college journey, especially as a first-generation college student, I have faced so many obstacles and you guys have always been on my side. When I think of the end goal, I definitely think of giving back to this amazing organization with whatever I can. With Ava, there isn’t a specific story because I have been busy this year. But no matter how many messages I don’t respond to, she would still send me more. So, Ava, if you’re reading this, I want to thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart.” – Ahmed

“My coach matters in my life because she was always present, reminding me that I’m not alone and that I’m supported. I am a first-generation college student in my first year of college while also being an out-of-state student. She always made an effort to help me out whether it be to find scholarships or my community here on campus. I always look forward to seeing those message for a check in. Thank you for your time and effort it doesn’t go unnoticed!!!” – Nayzeth

“I’m a senior and this is my first year in College Possible. Before senior year, I was worried about how I was going to start my college process or who was going to explain to me what I had to do every step of the way. Noelle contacted me and later we had College Possible meetings every couple of weeks on different steps we should expect and where exactly we should be in the process. I’m always able to ask Noelle for help and not feel judged for not knowing the answer. I enjoy working with her and I plan to keep meeting during the school year to finish up my college process. I’m beyond grateful I’m able to have Noelle as a coach, and to be where I’m at in the college process because of her!” – Angela

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