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The White House calls for commitments to action

In October 2014, the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics launched a Year of Action, and with it a national call for Commitments to Action in honor of its 25th anniversary. In the spirit of what President Obama calls a “shared responsibility,” the Initiative challenged the public and private sectors to make meaningful contributions that expand opportunity and increase educational outcomes in the Hispanic community.

On October 15, 2015, at the culmination of the 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month, President Obama is announcing 150 Commitments to Action, with a collective investment of nearly $340 million, that will build on and accelerate federal, state, and local investments in high-quality education, from cradle-to-career for the nation’s Hispanic community.

College Forward has committed more than $3 million in support of expanding our existing programs and sharing our proven resources. Over the next three years College Forward will provide college access and success services to more than 16,900 high school students and 7,900 college students. Through productive partnerships and resource-sharing, we will leverage our expertise to dramatically improve educational outcomes for Hispanic students in Texas and beyond.

“These commitments will bring critical resources to Latino students and families across this country, are examples of meaningful investments being made in support of the largest, youngest and arguably the fastest growing minority community in the country and will help fulfill America’s future,” says Alejandra Ceja, Executive Director for the White House initiative. College Forward is proud to be among the organizations that answered this important call to action.

To learn more about the Initiative and to view the full list of Commitments to Action visit

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