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Thank You


From the bottom of my heart and the gratitude of many individuals who are navigating and uncovering the labyrinth of the college education system, I would like to thank you for supporting a community that was there for me in the right place, at the right time. A person who has the compassion and vision to guide thousands of young adventurous spirits to partake in the challenge and test of character that is college has my deepest thanks and prayers. I know from working part-time that it is a difficult task to make time to even think about others’ journey and story, and your contribution to my singular life is, in my eyes, on another level of love. It gives me blooming hope for human community and acceptance.

My name’s Oscar. I’m currently a freshman studying my second term of electrical engineering at Portland State University in the beautiful state of Oregon. Even though I’ve lived my whole life in this state, I still appreciate the roots I have been able to grow at the Parkrose community from kindergarten all the way to the 12th grade. I’m a hardworking student raised by my single “Tiger” mom of three crazy kids. My high school experience can be summed up by soccer, band, theater, AP classes, staying out of trouble and a summative drive-thru graduation.

I breezed through my classes until I hit junior year; it’s the point where students lose the excitement of high school and begin to torture themselves with late-night studying. However, looking past the dark gloom of that year, I was glad I found myself in a community of like-minded peers that understood that I wanted to pursue a college education despite not having much prior knowledge of the process. Getting to know Jen, my junior year College Possible coach, and her fiery passion for helping others (meaning us the students and also in the medical field) truly inspired me to achieve something bigger than myself. I can’t imagine how cramped I’d feel if I didn’t have a place to release my stress from the school day and my anxiety about preparing for college.

Although we did do invigorating ACT studying and refreshing research for potential universities, my fondest memories of College Possible, and even the entirety of high school, were the times I’d be discovered laughing my head off with my friends in icebreakers, during movies and throughout college-based Kahoot quizzes. Senior year caught up with my ambition when I took four AP classes in one year, but I was glad I had my College Possible coach and peers to cheer me on. And even still, they are with me as I take Digital Circuits 171 and Math 251 as I try to figure out binary and derivatives.

Again, thank you so much for supporting me in my journey through college. Words can’t express my gratitude, and I wish I could give you a hug. Maybe an air hug…take care and stay safe!

Much love,

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