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Thank You, WA AmeriCorps Members!

At the end of June we say goodbye to the majority of our AmeriCorps members. In truth, we hope it’s not goodbye, but more of a “see you soon!”

This group of 30 AmeriCorps members worked tirelessly to support students to and through college. It was a year full of unexpected hurdles and adjustments, never meeting the team nor students face-to-face. This group was up for the challenge and quick to make the necessary tweaks in order to meet students where they were at and provide what they needed to stay focused on school and reach their goals.

We asked some of our service members what their favorite part of the year has been:

CM ManchesterWorking with my students has definitely been my favorite part of my service year. From meeting them at the beginning of the year, to working on college applications, to being here with them as they’ve gotten their acceptances. I’m really proud of my students and proud that I’ve been able to provide support.

–CM Manchester, high school senior coach


Melen Yamane

I have enjoyed collaborating with school partners and peers! Being in a space where individuals have similar drives and goals is really exhilarating.

–Melen Yemane, high school senior coach


Caleb TizonI have loved seeing the excitement my students show when they get accepted to a top choice school!

–Caleb Tizon, high school senior coach



Sydney HardeyMy favorite part of the service year has been watching my students get accepted into their schools. Not only did they work hard, they dealt with additional barriers of online schooling, but overcame it. Celebrating my students is and always has been my favorite part of this.

–Sydney Hardy, high school senior coach


Fherna Leian CaoiliMy favorite part of this year has been my one-on-one calls with students! These calls have given me the chance to create a bond and relationship with each of my students. I love hearing all their different stories and backgrounds and learning what their goals and aspirations are after high school.

–Fherna Leian Caoili, high school junior coach


To our Washington AmeriCorps members, we thank you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving your time, your energy, your love and your dedication to this work. We have made it through this year together, and that is no small feat. Wherever you are off to next, be it a full-time job, grad school or some other incredible adventure — we know you will do well and we can’t wait to see you soar.

If you’re interested in joining next year’s team, we’re currently recruiting AmeriCorps members at all of our College Possible sites throughout the country. Check out the job description and apply to serve with us today!

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