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Thank You from College Possible Washington!


I hope this note finds you warm, safe and healthy. On behalf of the staff, advisory board and myself—thank you for supporting our work in helping students achieve their dreams of earning a college degree! Below is a video from our AmeriCorps coaches and team sharing their appreciation for you.  I hope the video makes you smile. I am so proud of the coaches and staff for their powerful work with students!

Standing with and supporting students as they navigate the pandemic and their academic futures is central to our work this year. National college enrollment fell over 20% from 2019 to 2020. Enrollment for students from high poverty schools fell over 30%.

College Possible results have stayed consistent year-over-year proving that our support and curriculum work—even amidst incredible barriers like this pandemic. We’re currently making excellent strides with our high school seniors as well: 86% have already applied to at least one college or university for next year. And 84% have already completed their FAFSA. These are two key steps to making college in the fall a reality for those students.

Our work is having a meaningful impact even in the most challenging times. Thank you for believing in our mission, team and students!

Guadalupe Torres

Guadalupe Torres
Executive Director, College Possible Washington

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