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Thank You, AmeriCorps Members!

AmeriCorps members are vital to our organization, and we appreciate their commitment to our students in the Philadelphia region. Our mission could not be fulfilled without AmeriCorps members. We hope you’ll enjoy reading some quotes from our team this program year. Thank you for your service!

Ahmad Williams, High School Junior Coach: “I choose to serve because I consider it a privilege to share my failures turned lessons and a responsibility to disrupt the systems that continue to widen “opportunity gaps” for students who look like me.”

Ashley Bernardo, High School Junior Coach: “I serve because I want my students to feel seen. When I was applying to college, I felt alone since no one in my family knew the process. Now, with the pandemic amplifying feelings of isolation and hopelessness, I seek to make my students feel cared for, connected and prepared.”

Avery Torres, College Coach: “I serve because I want all of my students to feel supported and motivated throughout their college journey. Seeing my students flourish and succeed, even in trying times, makes what I do so rewarding.”

Daisy Rodriguez, High School Senior Coach: “I serve because it is a privilege to help students learn and grow. Corps members, despite not being teachers or administrators, have the opportunity to support students in their academic life. Our service can make a lasting impact on our student’s lives, schools and communities.”

Ian Ullmann, Community Partners Team Member: “I serve to be a part of something much bigger than myself. Educational inequity is very real and I am honored to play some small role in addressing one of our nation’s biggest problems.”

Kyle O’Kane, College Coach: “I serve to make a difference, and be that support system that our students need in times of struggle. I desire to be that resource that they can lean on. As someone who had a positive college experience, I use knowledge and empathy to assist others in their endeavors.”

Olivia Resnick, High School Senior Coach: “I serve to help Philadelphia students go outside their comfort zones, achieve their goals, and get into their best fit schools.”

Salvador Garcia Lopes, High School Senior Coach: “I serve in AmeriCorps because I believe that all students interested in pursuing a higher education, no matter their background, should receive the resources they need to open a world of opportunities.”

Thomas Cahalan, College Coach: “I serve because I know what it’s like to not have a mentor and I want to make sure the students we serve don’t have to deal with that feeling.”


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