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Texas September AmeriCorp coaches of the month

Check out our awesome coaches:


Matt Otero

College Access Coach – Austin
Albuquerque, NM
Fun Fact: Matt has lived in the 2nd, 5th and 50th largest states in the U.S. (Texas, New Mexico and Rhode lsland)

Matt is an excellent educator who values active engagement, holds his students to high standards and always has a caring attitude. Beyond excelling with his students, he is also a leader in the College Forward office, taking on important projects including leading a workgroup on student scholarships and helping to create a new manual for junior year coaches. The college access program would be a much sadder place without Matt and his contributions.

My favorite thing about my work as a coach is the relationships I get to develop with my students and colleagues. I chose to return for a second year of service because of these relationships.”


Elizabeth Barnes

College Completion Coach – Austin
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Fun Fact: Sherlock Holmes bookended Elizabeth’s undergraduate literary career. She wrote both her best college application essay and her undergraduate thesis about this character.

In addition to being dedicated to the students she supports, Elizabeth is also focused on improving the college program as a whole. Her big-picture contributions include suggesting ways to improve tracking student success rates, offering ongoing training and support for student mental health issues, and providing opportunities for new coaches to connect with seasoned returner coaches.

I love that I’m able to offer students support that they often can’t find anywhere else, and I love how considerate and appreciative my students can be! I’m also really happy to be a part of the undocumented students work group, which has been putting together excellent resources for both College Forward coaches and the wider Austin community.”


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