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Supporting Minnesota Students Year-Round Through Transition Coaching

2021 Minnesota Transition Coaches on Zoom with fruit backgrounds
2021 Minnesota Transition Coaches

As summer approaches, high school seniors and College Possible coaches are wrapping up the 2020-21 school year. After a long, unique year of college applications and preparation, students are heading to college in the fall!

However, it’s still important that students continue to receive support throughout summer and into their first year of college. To provide this ongoing assistance, AmeriCorps members called “transition coaches” serve with College Possible during the summer.

Sabrina Kablitz is an AmeriCorps transition coach this summer. She is excited to assist two main groups of students: those beginning their first year of college this fall and those entering their second year of college. Transition coaches help first-year students avoid “summer melt,” the phenomenon where graduating seniors plan to attend college, but do not enroll. Sabrina will provide support navigating enrollment, housing and financial planning.

For second year students, Sabrina addresses obstacles that arise and helps students close any financial gaps. Sabrina describes this as, “The most pivotal time in someone’s college career on whether or not they get to stay in college, so our support is most important during that summer transition.”

Sabrina was inspired to explore nonprofit work through her college experience at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities working with prospective students as a member of The College of Food, Agriculture and Natural Science’s Ambassador Program and Rising Seniors Program. She joined because she saw transition coaching as an opportunity to impact young adults at an important juncture in their life.

She realizes how unique the last year has been and is curious about the impact it will have on college-aged students and their worldview in the years to come. “I think they’ll add a level of resilience that we’ve never had.”

Sabrina’s advice to graduating seniors this year is, “The circumstances you start from in high school do not necessarily have to determine the circumstances in which you pursue the rest of your education.”

By Luke Young, AmeriCorps transition coach

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