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Student spotlight: Trayvion


When asked how he made his plan to go to college, Omaha North Magnet High School senior Trayvion says that being a part of the College Possible program led him to a sense of clarity. From the many excellent colleges and universities in Nebraska, to the dozens upon dozens of scholarship programs available, Trayvion says assistance from the College Possible program helped him find his way forward.

I felt 10 times more clarity completing that first step in deciding a career — it allowed me to find out more,” he says. “After joining College Possible, my coach helped me search for colleges that offer programs, find out how long schooling will take me, and even scholarship offers.”

Trayvion wants to study psychology, because it aligns with his desire to nurture and help others heal and grow, slowly but surely transforming themselves. Career counseling has helped him narrow down his target even further; he now wants to go into the field of child counseling.

Before joining College Possible, Trayvion was determined to save money by getting credits from a community college before transferring to a four-year school. However, the program has taught him about the opportunities he can find at four-year institutions that make them more affordable and manageable. Learning about his options led him to broaden his horizons to include other schools. Now the hard part will be to pick one of the five colleges he applied to, all of which accepted him!

Beyond striving for academic success, Trayvion has learned adaptability and time management. Through his educational experience, he can make new connections and obtain an even clearer sense of what he wants out of life.

The crux of his experience with College Possible is that he knows what he wants to do and why it matters. Now he says that if he were to speak to an applicant, he would tell them, “Be prepared for the commitment. This program is meant to relieve the stress of planning out your future. The future doesn’t just come to you—you have to make it happen and also put in the work.”

This story was written by Madilyn Phelps, Trayvion’s high school coach and AmeriCorps member at College Possible Omaha.

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