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Student spotlight: Kobe

Omaha North senior awarded Dell Scholarship to pursue dream of becoming a crime scene investigator

Kobe, a senior from Omaha North, has recently achieved a major milestone in his academic journey. He was recently awarded the Dell Scholarship for $20,000, along with textbook credits and a free laptop, complete with support and resources. His coach, Dayana, has been instrumental in guiding him through the process of applying for scholarships. Dayana frequently sends Kobe scholarship lists, encouraging him to apply and helping him along the way. The Dell Scholarship was one of the largest he applied for, and he is thrilled to receive this outstanding award.

Kobe plans to attend Texas Southern University after graduating from high school, where he will major in criminal justice with a minor in biology. Texas Southern University is one of the largest historically Black universities in the country, and Kobe is excited about immersing himself in this dynamic community.

For Kobe, attending college has always been a dream, and he sees it as an opportunity to explore and spread his wings. He says, “I wanted to get the feel of being around my community more often than I usually am.” When he visited Texas Southern University, he felt at home, “The people, staff and community were amazing,” he added.

A future career combining two interests

Kobe’s dream is to become a crime scene investigator, a passion he developed in eighth grade when he first took a forensic science class called Medical Detectives. At the end of each class, his teacher would play a clip from Forensic Files, which sparked Kobe’s interest. After doing some research, Kobe knew this was what he wanted to do. He even took another forensic science class last year, where he was able to gain practical experience in investigating throughout various labs.

Kobe’s recent interest in photography took on a new significance when he discovered its importance in crime scene investigation. Through the lens of a camera, he learned that photography is a valuable tool for capturing details that might go unnoticed at first glance. By carefully documenting physical evidence and the crime scene layout, investigators can reconstruct events and piece together evidence, resulting in better investigative outcomes. This realization, coupled with his passion for forensic science, solidified Kobe’s desire to pursue a career as a crime scene investigator.

The power of college coaching

For Kobe, having a college degree means a lot, and he believes it will open many opportunities for him. His college access coach Dayana has been an excellent support system, frequently checking on him to ensure he is staying on track with applications and assignments. Kobe emphasizes that the most valuable aspect of the College Possible program is the help and support readily available. He says, “It’s not just my coach, it’s everybody. The program really wants to see people succeed.”

Kobe’s story is a testament to the power of hard work and dedication. His determination coupled with the College Possible curriculum, and the guidance of his coach Dayana, Kobe was able to achieve his goals and secure a scholarship that will help him pursue his dreams. With his sights set on becoming a crime scene investigator, Kobe is ready to take on the world and make a difference in his community.

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